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Mastering engineer. Steve Hoffmans talk.

Mastering engineer | Steve Hoffmans talk.

Por: Alberto F. Gómez

This time we are proud to present a very interesting material related with the fascinating audio world, and our main passion, the music.

Recently we had an International event that took place in San Jose, California, USA. in which many Head-fi members got together to share gear, impressions, music, new ideas, and the most important thing our love for this hobby…Besides an interesting discussion with the most important amps manufacturers, one of the most relevant technicians related with the foundations of the music industry was also present, and offered an informal conference, in which some important topics related with mastering, mixing, recording, etc…were widely discussed, I think that a figure of this magnitude does not require any further presentation, Steve Hoffman is one of the more important icons of the mastering, mixing and engineering, and the person behind some of the most important, and best recordings of our time…here are the conference by chapters, for your enjoyment…


Thanks to Al Bedecarré (Voltron) and Bruce Yamaguchi (utep10) for filming and sending this videoto one of our Kanamaster team members Alberto F. Gómez (Sovkiller).

Original music themes for DVD, video editing - authoring, 3D and graphic design.

Thanks to Todd Green for arranging Steve’s talk, to Ric Blessing (blessingx) for his original HeadFest 2007 graphics and to Leonard Norwitz for allowing us to use his photos © 2007

Thanks to Jude Mansilla for providing the infrastructure that supports the Head-Fi community, which makes possible events of this magnitude.




Introduction video.
Steve Hoffman and Ray Charles.
A story about Ray Charles.
Steve Hoffman and The Beatles.
Some technical things.
Steve Hoffman and Nat King Cole.
A question with leaf blower included.
More about Love is a Thing.
Steve Hoffman and Jethro Tull.
Jethro Tull´s Aqualung tape trouble.
The first jazz stereo drums recording.
The Beatles’ Pepper Album.
Bing Crosby and magnetophon recorders.
Moon Dance Album and others technical comments.
Questions time.

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